In Chukum we believe that respect nature is to respect oneself. This is why promoting a sustainable culture is the beginning to generate a conscious and responsible society. We also believe in the excellence of service, so we renewed ourselves continually to give the best to our customer.

From ancient times the Mayan civilization named Chukum to the wild tree called Havardia albicans. It is a legume that currently covers the entire Yucatan peninsula, a semi-hardwood and thorny tree also used to dye textile, tanning leather and extract the tannins from the bark that give color to our finishes.

In 2013 we undertook in manufacturing and application of this wonderful material, being the pioneers in its commercialization of innovative products for its natural finishes in Chukum, 100% craft and sustainable, allowing us to provide our customers a natural and unique space.
Traditional extraction of chukum is a little known technique and with many variations in its recipe along time. This is why we choose natural products to give an intelligent alternative in the selection of your finishes, allowing this experience to be transmitted to any place.
Chukum Water
Natural black color extracts obtained from the chukum’s tree bark.

Chukum Base
The perfect mix with a touch of the soil from where the chukum tree born.

Other products
Dark brown and reddish natural pigmentation. 10 Kg presentations.
Cement Additives
Performance Formula
*If you want to calculate the product's performance, enter the area and it will display the number of jerry cans or sacks you require.
Area (m2)
Chukum Water Jerry Cans
(20 L.)
Chukum Base Sacks
(20 Kg.)
Chukum Water Jerry Cans
(20 L.)
Chukum Base Sacks
(20 Kg.)
In Chukum we are dedicated to the production and commercialization of material for coating walls, pools, drop ceiling, and floors; based on Mayan craft techniques. Our objective is to offer the clients a sustainable and natural option to cover their spaces, maintaining a nature connection without leaving home.

We believe in excellence of service so day by day we improve in the application techniques to give a unique and extraordinary finish on every given opportunity, guaranteeing our service. We offer a sustainable coating material solution in base of chukum tree for your spaces based on mayan techniques and using high quality natural products for the elaboration of our finishes.

For us don't exist any frontier or limits, this is why we can offer the Chukum experience in different Mexican states and foreign countries. We search creating spaces that can take the best of the connection we have with nature, Chukum highlights the natural in walls and floors, creating a variety of sensations on the surfaces where it is applied. The Chukum covering spaces give calmness and elegance, keeping first the touch with nature.
All of our customers are satisfied with the results. Click on any photo to watch our gallery.
1. How to apply Chukum?
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3. Can it be applied on cement board (Durock®)?
4. Can it be applied with colors?
5. Why on some walls are produced dark patches?
6. Why does Chukum crack?
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